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You Can Make it Happen Now

Jupiter Squares Pluto, May 18

by Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

If you’ve felt unusually ambitious lately and determined to make things happen, you’re not alone. Since April 14, Jupiter and Pluto have been moving closer to their “square” (which will be exact on May 18) and will continue their grand power-play through June 22. This alignment is one of the most powerful energies of 2023, with the capacity to bring mega-success and the abundance that goes with it. Jupiter is the “over-the-top” planet. If it can expand something, it will. With this influence, you may feel you can achieve anything - even if you’re typically more of a “shrinking violet.” You might have such a powerful sense of destiny this month, you may wonder if you were abducted by aliens and you’re the upgrade!

Sounds like a fantastic dream. But there’s a catch. Jupiter’s square with all-seeing Pluto means that you’re going to be held accountable for how you achieve your success. Will you cut corners, skip to the front of the line, or misrepresent yourself? Pluto is all about our evolution and will demand a pure-hearted effort. Whatever you create under Jupiter’s spell will be tested in Pluto’s refining fire. It will measure your accomplishments to see if they stand up to what is beautiful, good, and true. So, if you’re lacking in honesty, kindness, or fair-play departments, expect to pay the piper. On the flip side, if you’re committed to a clean process and “raising all the boats”, this potent dance of titans could catapult you to levels of accomplishment beyond your wildest dreams.

Your core beliefs may also be on Jupiter hyper-drive over the next. Whether you find your source for the ultimate in religion, philosophy, or alternative practices, Jupiter can bring a passionate focus on the big questions of life. Strong Jupiter transits like this one can turn spiritualty into a grand and life-transforming adventure. Conversely, they also can fuel the drive toward extremism and self-righteous behavior. The current extended square with Pluto will challenge you to put your beliefs into generative action. Now’s the time to live out your passion for cosmic knowledge at the highest frequencies. Choose an open heart over the need to be right, and the universe will reveal even more of its secrets.

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