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Adventure Calls: Uranus in Exact Trine with Pluto, September12-24,2023

If your energy has felt super-stuck during the planetary retrograde season (six are still in “backward” motion as of today), you’re entitled. For many, the entry to fall has been more like a dirge than the usual September techno. However, you may be dancing to a much faster beat this week. From September 12 - 24, Uranus’ trine to Pluto (building since June) is exact. Now, trines are the golden children of astrological aspects where things start coming together. And this one, coming in the midst of get-it-done Virgo season is a perfect foil to retro stalemate.

First, let’s unpack the energies of these two heavy-hitting energies. Pluto, the outermost planet, is all about your internal, deep growth. Known as the Great De-Constructor, Pluto breaks up the areas of your life that keep you from growing, especially psychologically. Sure, he’s got a bad rep as a wrecking ball, but let’s face it: most of us clutch our internal status quo like a worn-out teddy bear and will only change our emotional defaults when there’s a crisis.

Uranus is the planet of truth, rebellion, and lightning-fast change. Like Pluto, his goal is growth, but particularly, the growth of your unique self. Uranus always asks the tough question, "Are you being true to yourself and living authentically, or have you settled?" Never shy or tactful, Uranus will challenge any conformity bargains you’ve made just to stay safe.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this is Uranus' viewpoint: it took billions of years of cosmic evolution for you to show up. You came into this life with a set of unique viewpoints and gifts. And frankly, the world needs those to make progress. So, if you’ve settled for a flat existence and aren’t living into your potential, expect Uranus to crash your party and mess with your stability. Whether it's a sudden event, break-up, flash realization, or removal of something you've depended on, Uranus will do whatever it takes to bring you back to your essence.

Ok, maybe all this sounds scary. Yep, change is scary. But when growth-oriented Pluto and Uranus have been moving toward this trine, you've known this was coming (since early spring, to be exact.) And if you're honest with yourself, you're more ready to get out of your ruts than you want to admit.

Now, it's time. Truly, the "stars" are aligned. Think of the enormous gates opening in The Never Ending Story. The gods just gave you the green light and want you to step through. What tired perspectives, relational hamster wheels, and limiting beliefs do you want to put out with the trash? What dream has been tugging at your soul? This coming week is the perfect chance to go for it. Pluto and Uranus are opening the gates and ready to take you through. On the other side, a more authentic, confident, and productive version of yourself awaits.

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Sep 12, 2023
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