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Morgan Leigh McKenna

Morgan McKenna has been a leadership and systems consultant to non-profit organizations for over two decades. She is an experienced depth coach (14 years) and a practicing evolutionary astrologer. Her astrological practice has been influenced by master astrologers Dane Rudhyar, Mark Ian Jones, Heather Ensworth, Pam Gregory, Richard Tarnas, and Melanie Reinhart. Other influences include: Jungian psychotherapy; developmental psychology (Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, John Bowlby, Clare Graves, Carol Gilligan, Robert Kegan); and evolutionary philosophy (Hegel, Darwin, Whitehead, Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin). 

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Origins Astrology is committed to the highest values of astrological practice:

  • your story and experience are central

  • your individual freedom & choice are honored

  • we affirm your inherent value

  • we are guides, helping you live your true potential

  • we are committed to your positive, transformational change 


Your natal astrology chart is a snapshot of your unique, multi-dimensional self at the moment of your birth. But a chart isn't destiny. It's what you do with the dynamics of your deep self - your origins -  that makes all the difference. At every moment, you get to choose. Evolutionary astrology helps you open up your options and point you toward the higher expressions of your nature. The practice of astrology, when applied to your chart with intention and focus, can help you give your gifts to the world.

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