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New Moons are a time of new beginnings; opportunities for a monthly reset and setting fresh intentions and goals. But what kind of intentions? Let’s say you want to start looking for that new job, clean out your office, or tighten the reigns on your spending. Those goals would certainly match a Virgo new moon. Virgo is all about diving into the details – how we’ve structured our lives, what’s working, what’s not working.

Yet, there’s a much deeper level we are meant to access when the moon goes dark. Especially this New Moon. Imagine a seed that’s just been planted. There it is, alone in the black earth – not even a speck of light. And it must figure out what to do all by itself. Or does it? Inside the seed is a time-worn, instinctive process playing out: the process of germination. Softened by water, its primordial plant instincts awaken. The little seed cracks open and begins to send the first root downward, through the blackness. If the seed were human, we might say it was making a “gut” decision. It certainly didn’t generate a SWAT diagram and weigh the advantages against the risks. It just does it. In the words of an old country song, “it ain’t no thinking thing.”

Today and tomorrow, you can set new intentions at a lot of levels. But purpose - the “why” of your journey - is the level that informs all the rest. Without it, that little seed could sit in the ground a long time, fretting over what to do next! If you haven’t had an instinctive direction for a long time (maybe never?), you’re in luck. This Virgo New Moon exactly trines Uranus in Taurus, and more broadly trines Pluto in Capricorn – two of the biggest powerhouses of the solar system. Now, trines are some of the most beneficial of all alignments, which means Uranus and Pluto are giving this Virgo New Moon a huge power boost. A shot of clarity and truth at your core. Sure, your career, money management and office organization are important. But, Uranus and Pluto want to make sure your compass set in the right direction. At this new moon, they might give you some new coordinates, just to make sure you’re becoming more, well, “you”.

If a seed isn’t washed away, dried up, or eaten, it eventually pushes its little shoots above the ground. You remember what the pumpkin sprout looks like: two little leaves, like miniature outstretched arms, pointed toward the heavens. We may be planted in the dirt, with a purpose all our own. But we are headed back toward the heavens, bringing the gifts we’ve created earth-side. Dirt and stars are always interlinked. Just as they are in the chart these next two days. With the Sun and Moon together at 22 degrees of Virgo (an earth sign!), they are within a 5-degree opposition to Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces. And Neptune, as the most spiritual planet, always asks us to surrender to the bigger picture. To our larger selves, to all that is.

In the next few days, take some time to reflect on how that “being you” plan is going. Get quiet and listen to your heart. Perhaps you'll receive some new “coordinates.” Since the sky is at its darkest with the New Moon, a drive out of the city could be in order. Or just sit out on your porch with as many lights off as possible. Even the dark of your own room will work. Anywhere you can be, like the little seed, alone in the black and mysterious potential. But oh, so not alone. Planted by intent, not by accident. And loved into being who only you can be.

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Love this 💚🌱⭐️


14 de set. de 2023
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