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Your Life Force Returns

By Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

From May 20 through July 10, Mars will be in Sun-ruled Leo. Both energies are fiery, so don’t expect to be the wall flower at the spring party, even if you’re more of an introvert. Here’s where you enter a room like you own it. You’re self-confident and proud of yourself. You have big plans and you're ready to go after them.

You don’t beat around the bush, either. You’re direct with no apologies. You want to see your plans produce something big. The details can wait – you just want to get your creations out there. The sheer power of your life force is turning heads and you feel like you could do just about anything. Living large and owning your unique place in the world – this is Mars in Leo.

Even though all this sounds amazing (a bit like becoming Tom Cruise for a day), watch out for the urge to stage a competition. You might run the risk of losing a few friends or becoming the insufferable, know-it-all narcissist at work. Mars in Leo wants to be the center of attention and can get anywhere from peevishly annoyed to outright rage-y if that doesn’t happen. Just be on the lookout for your inner two-year old for the next few months.

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