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The Power of Getting Real

Updated: May 17, 2023

by Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

Pluto's Goes Retrograde, Part Two

The moon has to do with our emotional cycles. So, lunar eclipses (when the earth’s shadow covers the face of the moon) can indicate where our emotional patterns and attachments have run their course. They often signal personal revelations, crossroads, and unpredictable endings. Add Pluto in retrograde, and you have a huge opportunity to get real about what’s working and what’s not.

If you didn’t take some time to reflect around Pluto’s retrograde on May 1, now is the time to plan a personal retreat. No need to fly off to an exotic retreat location (though that would be amazing if you can swing it). Even an hour or two in a favorite spot will yield big benefits. As you go inward, be prepared to ask three or four difficult life questions - you know, the ones you usually avoid. (You might journal about these before your retreat. That way, you won’t be tempted to overwork your mind once you get quiet.)

Once you’ve centered yourself, press in for your deepest truth. Stay with that truth thread even though it may get uncomfortable. Anytime you open the deep interiors, you could get your world rocked. During a lunar eclipse, that is especially the case. It’s so important to bath your retreat experience in self-kindness. You might have a calming, affirming ritual ready. Suggestion: check out psychologist Tara Brach’s RAIN practice here. I encourage you to include this practice throughout your questioning process.

Whatever arises, just know that the cosmos has been preparing you precisely for these discoveries and has given you all you need to handle what they bring up. There is powerful awakening energy here with this lunar eclipse if you surrender to it. If you follow the combo of truth and self-compassion, you will emerge refreshed, renewed, wiser, and more of who you really are.

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