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by Evolutionary Astrologer, Morgan Leigh McKenna

Every June 21st, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer. With the Sun at its zenith, you can feel lit up from the inside, more empowered, adventurous, and “in the zone." Like the ripening fruit of summer, you’re becoming more “you” and it feels awesome!

But the solstice also ritualizes the sign-shift to Cancer, and here, emotional security and primary relationships have our focus as well. Cancer’s dual-theme of self (the Sun) and the other (Venus) is dramatically emphasized this particular solstice. This Solstice, the sun forms a tight semi-square to Venus, pulling in both the Moon (your moods and emotional expression) and Mars (your need for change, action, and self-protection).

These are volatile energies that could play out in your primary relationships, especially with close friends and significant others. However, with just a bit of advance preparation, you can begin to identify whatever feels invalidating, stuck, or otherwise unhealthy. As the Sun brings you more reason to celebrate yourself, get in touch with what you really need from a relationship to grow and stay true to your soul’s calling. That could mean facing into petty grievances you tossed into “I’m not going to think about that” pile.

Then, consider your close friend or partner. What hurts from the last year or two might she/he be holding onto? What parts of their true nature have they sacrificed to keep the peace? Where have they stopped shining?

This may seem like pretty deep stuff to be doing around a Solstice. But, in some ways, there is no better time. The sun will light up the world for nearly 3 and a half hours longer on June 21 than it will on December 21. Let its radiance cleanse your most important life connections. You’ve invested a LOT in this beautiful person. The inner work you do now could create a breakthrough that will resound for years to come.

Oh - remember that Venus retrograde from July 22 through September 3? You’ll thank your “lucky stars” you had a head start!

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Jun 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The summer solstice has always been a time of feeling lighter and more expectant of things to come. I love Morgan's interpretation that allows for getting to know ourselves at an even deeper level at this time when we celebrate the light.

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