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Love and Creativity in the Spotlight

Venus Enters Leo July 7, 2023, 4:28 a.m., EDT

by Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

Venus, the energy of beauty, self-value, connection, and love is an expansive, vibrant energy in Leo. We give ourselves over to love and want to spread the good feelings. Our egos can be in overactive mode, wanting to stand out from the crowd and make our mark. But if we keep those from ballooning into Macy’s parade size versions of ourselves, Venus in Leo is marvelously extravagant and open-hearted. Combined with the sun’s energy, she is creative, passionate, and expressive. Whether it’s about relationships, resources, or projects, we seem to be in the “zone”, attracting attention that might typically elude us. It’s a great time to bring out your hidden talents and let the world see your brilliance. Venus in Leo emphasizes recreation, art, music, parties, “costuming”, and anything that puts us in the spotlight.

Of course, Venus in Leo doesn’t like to pace itself, often preferring the fantasy over reality. So, if we’re not paying attention, all this feel-good momentum can hit us like a bad hangover. We can overspend and over-indulge. We can become drama queens, craving attention and adoration. There’s also a tendency to be obsessive about intimate relationships, choosing rose-colored glasses and denial over discernment. Before entering Leo, Venus is close to Mars for much of June. So, ramping up to her stay in Leo, she’s probably been on the impetuous side - maybe even rash. If your Venus is in full-sail mode on the high seas and the water is getting rough, you might be looking for the nearest life raft. Follow that instinct sooner than later, especially before she reaches Leo in July. When Venus goes retrograde on July 22, expect

a reality check.

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