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Jupiter In Taurus, Part One: Sink Your Roots Deep & Get Ready for Results

Updated: May 17, 2023

by Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

Jupiter Enters the Sign of Taurus, May 16, 2023, Part One

Jupiter has been on a fiery journey through Aries since May of last year, catalyzing supersized, explosive change – those “I’ve gotta do this or else” decisions. In the last year, you may have shocked yourself by taking a risk and starting something entirely new. Alternatively, maybe you moved way out of your comfort zones, ending a business partnership, a primary relationship, or job. Perhaps you changed the way you show up with family members or finally addressed some behavior patterns that were clearly not working in your favor.

Now, you’re in a new place. It may not have been tidy and maybe you lacked some finesse and self-restraint, but you got it done. Now, as Jupiter enters Taurus, you can settle into a new phase. Sink some roots into fertile soil and create something that will last. Taurus is all about stability, grounding, confidence, sustainable growth and creating something that has true value – for yourself and for those around you. It’s also about financial gain. Fortune that is won through patience, hard work, and practicality. Add expansive Jupiter and you have an opportunity for BIG manifestations in the coming year – 12 full moths to grow whatever you’ve planted.

As you begin to see your plant push up above ground and sprout leaves, be sure to tend it well. And try not to get greedy. Buds that are flowering in 2023 will ripen into long-awaited fruit, bringing well-being, security, and beauty back into your life. Jupiter in Taurus isn’t stingy. Its fruit will expand your life, seed your future, and help many others do the same. The universe always calls us to balance abundance with generosity.

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