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An Upgrade to Your Spiritual Journey: Jupiter Sextiles Saturn, June 19, 2023

Let's take a dive into a beautifully supportive energy happening on June 19: the sextile between Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces, aligning exactly this coming June 19, 2023

. Anywhere Saturn shows up in your chart, you’re encouraged to participate more responsibly. With Saturn in Pisces, that responsibility is about our spiritual development. Saturn moved into Pisces on March 7, 2023, and will remain there through February 2026, minus just a few months when it dips into Aries. That’s nearly three years in the 12th sign of the zodiac! The last stop. The sign of completion (think 12 hours in a day, 12 months, 12 tribes...) This is the part in your growth cycle when you’re asked to offload what you're still hanging onto, what doesn’t serve your spiritual path. Now, it's time to surrender to your highest calling. If you’ve ever wondered whether spiritual growth matters, wonder no more. With Saturn in Pisces for 33 months, the cosmos couldn’t be more serious about us becoming higher versions of ourselves. You’ve already done so much work, and at some points, against all odds. You may feel let down that you’re still just at the foot of Mt. Everest. But, hey - Everest’s basecamp is a whopping 17,585 feet! Look how far you’ve come. If you feel overwhelmed, just know you’re not being asked to make this trek alone. Remember the stages of the hero’s journey? At just the right time, guides, mentors, protectors, angels, and wandering mystics show up in the most creative ways. Since March 7, Saturn, the sure-footed goat and spiritual sherpa, joined you on the path. With his penchant for high, rocky places, he modeled perseverance and helped you orient to the challenging path, not the path of least resistance. As we head toward June 19th, expansive Jupiter could show up in a big way for you, bringing just the resources you need to keep going, whether it’s people, knowledge, energy, hope, or money. In the next few weeks - before June 19th and after - be extra attentive to who or what wants to come through. Remember that book several friends mentioned over the past month? Get a copy and start reading. The trip to a sanctuary place that's been on your bucket list for years? Start planning, even if it's a drive across town. The training series you thought about taking but didn’t think you were ready? Sign up. The bonus you didn’t expect? Maybe it’s time to turn the guest room into a meditation space. And what about your random conversation with a stranger on the commuter train? She/he could have been an angel in disguise, giving you light to your path ahead.

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