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Jupiter in Taurus, Part Two: A Big Dose of Hope

Updated: May 18, 2023

by Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

Jupiter Entered Taurus May 16, 2023, Part Two

Jupiter can be the fairy “godfather” of energies in certain alignments. That would be very true this May when the planet of all things big, hopeful, and adventurous moves into Taurus, the passionate earth sign. Taurus is about valuing ourselves. At the higher levels, that means getting in touch with our soul's essence and not being afraid to be who we are. We can be our big, magnanimous selves, serving others and all that is beautiful, good and true.

On the practical level, Jupiter is also linked to hope, productivity, abundance, comfort, stability, sensual pleasure, good vibes, celebration, and a renewed sense of purpose. In Taurus, it can be a positive re-set energy, jumpstarting turnarounds in career and personal relationships that we've been waiting for. Collectively, Jupiter's energies are felt in world economics and environmental concerns – both of which have seemed locked in a cycle of dismal news. We may see glimpses of breakthroughs in those areas alongside tumultuous change.

For now, get ready for some “feel-good”, magnetic energy starting in the middle of the month and extending in certain areas of your life for an entire year! Jupiter’s orbit around the sun takes twelve years. So, if you’re turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, or 96 this year, you may be in for an extra dose of goodness. Time to get out the party hats!

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