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2023: A Big Year for the Planet

Updated: May 17, 2023

by Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

We’re already a week into February! If it feels like the energy has gone into hyper-speed and become a lot more intense, you’re right. Yikes – what’s the rest of 2023 going to be like??

For this article, I’ve focused on energies that will be felt all over the planet, with more intensity beginning in March. Together, these collective astrological shifts will define much of our experience in coming years. Of course, these energies will also be transforming specific areas of your personal life. If you’re interested in a one-on-one reading to see how these shifts might show up for you, contact me at

One thing’s for sure: 2023 is going to be quite different than that last three years. Some keywords that would describe 2020-2022: top-down control, lockdowns, limitations, and ideological battle lines being drawn between the past and possible futures. These themes will certainly overlap as we move through 2023, but increasingly, talking about change will shift into actual change. We will begin a time of watershed transformation that will stretch over two decades.


Saturn, one of the heavy-weight outer planets, moves into the sign of Pisces on March 7. Pisces is the sign of spirituality and transcendence. Here are some possibilities for how the mix of pragmatic Saturn and ethereal Pisces might show up.

· Saturn is about manifest reality. It’s one of the core energies driving the scientific world. In the next few years, we could see a shift of perspective among a few die-hard scientists and materialists. Just enough to catalyze significant conversation between science and metaphysics. Additionally, new scientific discoveries (including space exploration) could shed light on phenomena spiritual communities have been talking about for years.

· A wiser Saturn - having just spent three and some years in liberation-minded Aquarius sign - could also begin issuing western, organized religion its biggest wake-up call yet. The last 2000 years of western religion have been dominated by top-down leadership. Under Saturn’s watchful, disciplinary eye, we may see an increase in pressure for foundational reforms. Religious sectors that retrench into oppressive structures and marginalizing belief systems may experience significant losses.

· Alternative spirituality and the closely related self-help movements will not be immune to Saturn's demand for "truth in advertising." It's entirely possible that several major scandals will rock the “progressive” spiritual world, along with calls for radical change. As Pluto enters Aquarius (authenticity) and Saturn moves into Pisces (organizational cleansing), followers may lose patience with any spirituality that doesn’t “walk its talk.” Whatever isn't good, true, and serving the planet could be winnowed out.


Collective Aquarian themes are always about authenticity, independence, and decentralization. As Pluto peeks into Aquarius between March 23 to June 11 of this year, those classic themes - already in a grand preview all over the planet - will intensify and accelerate. Many people held down by their governments, dictators, and their own crippling economic systems will experience a tipping point. There will be a demand for real solutions and change.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius (1777-1797), monarchy after monarchy tumbled. That same revolutionary spirit is rising again, 246 years later. Even though Pluto will only dip into Aquarius this spring and then go back to Capricorn, we will certainly get a taste of things to come. As Pluto finally enters Aquarius for twenty years next year (that’s the rest of our lives for many of us), we can expect many years of massive grassroots efforts, intent upon re-configuring the status quo. Aquarius is all about social progress, so there will be a renewed focus on up-leveling life conditions for all humanity, not just a few.

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