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Origins Astrology

Astrology Can Change Your Life

Life is a big experience. In these challenging times, it can be downright overwhelming. Evolutionary astrology can help you navigate the inevitable chaos of life by focusing on what's most important:  who you are at your core and what your journey is about.  By connecting to your deepest truths, you'll move toward self-compassion and a freeing relationship to your past. Yes, it's possible to find meaning, purpose, and life direction.  Even in the midst of all the craziness.


What is Evolutionary Astrology?

If you're reading this, you might be going through some life changes and you want to see what the stars have to say about what's going on. Maybe you have a friend who had their chart read and it sounded intriguing. Or, you could have dipped your toes in the astrology pool a long while back and you'd like to give it another try, just to see if there's something more to it. Whatever the case, welcome.

Type in the word "astrology" in your search bar and you'll discover a big array of astrology types. Some honor ancient practices, applying exact, complex procedures to predict certain life events and outcomes. Other methods take an eclectic approach, integrating your inner world of emotions with significant outside events and life markers. Yet a third camp views the birth chart primarily through the lens of psychological/spiritual growth. Drawing from the work of 20th century psychologists and evolutionary philosophers, evolutionary astrology focuses on the internal, spiritual/emotional landscape.  Because, whatever goes on inside of us determines the choices we make on the outside.

For instance, you might be wondering why you keep repeating destructive relationship patterns. Or why every job feels like one hamster wheel after another. Evolutionary astrology can reveal your unique challenges around remaining true to yourself. It's ability to pinpoint self-sabotage is uncanny.  On the flip-side, the stars can help us see those amazing parts of ourselves that we've hidden away, afraid we'll get too big for our britches.  You know the drill:  stay small so you won't make other people upset!  Maybe you've finally gotten tired of hiding; tired of compressing yourself into a teeny box. And you want to live into what's possible.

If you're ready to see yourself with refreshing clarity and embrace who you are in this crazy cosmos, let's talk. It could be just the right moment to do this deep, empowering work. I look forward to connecting with you!  A contact form is provided below. 

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Need more information? I offer free, half-hour conversations to answer your questions about evolutionary astrology - what you can expect in a typical session, available session packages, etc. Send me a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  

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