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What's Up With the Stars in February?

Updated: May 17, 2023

By Morgan Leigh McKenna, Evolutionary Astrologer

The sun entered Aquarius on January 21st. That means, as we enter February,Aquarius season is already underway and gaining momentum. And what a treat, after what seemed like a long, slow end to 2022. Aquarius season is always fascinating, but it is beautifully elevated and expansive this year! Already, you can feel an invigorating, spontaneous energy, inspiring you to think bigger, create strong, new visions, and stretch yourself to do things you’ve never done.

Not only is it Aquarius season. It’s also green-light season. After many months with most planets in “retrograde” (a perceived backward motion from earth’s perspective), all of them are now moving direct and will stay that way until mid-April. That project you’ve been noodling with for the last year, maybe several? This is the time. If you’ve had a confidence problem, now it’s a lot easier to see and trust your capacities. Obstacles? You’re not likely to let anything stand in your way.

Good things come often in threes. The third gift in February is the Leo Full Moon (Feb. 5). As Aquarius calls for self-revolution and embracing the freedom to be exactly who you are in the world, Leo’s heart energy centers you deep in your soul for the journey ahead. The grandest mission is worth nothing if love and courage have been left behind. Because, when you get a little road-weary, it is your heart’s passion for all that is good, beautiful, and true that will always refuel you and call you onward.

Have a wonderful February!

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